Wayang 108x108cm - Bagousse

Wayang 108 x 108 cm

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  • Available in one color: Chinna Red
  • Square scarf 108 x 108 cm
  • Satin finish
  • 100% premium quality Polyester made in Indonesia
  • Handmade: hand-rolled edging
  • Designed in Indonesia  
  • Add a pop up color to your outfit and bring attention to the center of your body
Inspired by art
The origin of Bagousse
The story behind
This amazing beauty is the very first scarf we made for Bagousse. It all started with this scarf – I was literally stunned when I first saw it! Its colours and delicate patterns embody the true spirit of Indonesia, the Indonesia I saw with my own eyes. This particular red colour won’t leave you indifferent. In fact, it has become our flagship colour at Bagousse.
batik wayang scarf leaf red
Detailed Features
Wayang is a native Indonesian performing art which was born and grew rapidly in Java. Gunungan is the Wayang-shaped image of the mountain and its contents. During the Wayang performing art, Gunungan is used as a palace. Just like batik itself, the UNESCO recognised the Wayang performing art as a ‘Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity' on 7 November 2003. We projected Gunungan shapes into the leaf and flower patterns to give a more modern feel to the designs.
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folded bali scarf
How to pair
This bold red tone with hints of blue, crème, brown and gold would be perfect to pair with your basic white shirt as an accessory to bring attention, especially the neck and central body area. Be playful! Pair it with neutral colours, monochrome, or even black & white for a fearless look!
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