Bird of Paradise 140x140cm - Bagousse

Bird of Paradise 140 x 140 cm

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  • Available in two colors: Emerald, Bronze
  • Square shaped scarf size 140 x 140 cm
  • Light Weight / Chiffon-like Satin finish
  • 100% silk made in Italy
  • Handmade: hand-rolled edging
  • Designed in Indonesia  
  • Perfect wearing it as a classic halter top by the poolside or as a beautiful beach warp that you can bring straight for an evening out at the bar by the beach
Have you ever been lost in it ?
The story behind
Have you ever been lost in nature, exploring the unknown? That feeling is rendered in this 100% pure silk scarf. There’s nothing like going on an adventure with Mother Nature. Just as nature’s colours constantly evolve throughout the seasons, so does this scarf. Bird Of Paradise comes in two colours, Bronze and Emerald.
bird satin scarf blue paradise
What it says
When your eyes fall upon it, be amazed at its encapsulated love of nature and wildlife. In fact, it was directly inspired by birds-of-paradise and the natural beauty of Indonesia, commonly referred to as "paradise". Most species of birds-of-paradise are found in Papua New Guinea in Eastern Indonesia.
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How to pair
Embrace the feeling of a luxurious tropical holiday with this scarf and pair it with literally anything, from white V-neck T-shirts and blue jeans to summer dresses. Nothing can go wrong with this joyful scarf for your everyday life, or whenever you desire to bring back the feeling of beachy hair and of sand on your skin on a hot summer day!
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